Stay in Shape — Defend Your Skin

Has anybody here seen my metabolism? Can you tell me where it’s gone? LOL, but its true. I have to work out for an hour at least four time per week and eat at least four salads per week, or I begin to gain weight and lose muscle mass and tone. But, I am thankful that I can defend myself with exercise and diet. Unfortunately, for your skin, there are no exercises. Skin loses collagen and moisture easily, then sags and wrinkles as we age. Recently, my friend and colleague Donna DeLeo introduced me to a topical cream which dramatically improved my tone and greatly reduced my wrinkles facially. The results within three weeks of applying Nerium night and day cream are nothing short of astonishing. Check out these before and after pictures and see if you agree! I am so impressed that I signed on as a distributor and…

Skin Protection

Spring has arrived at last! So outside we go to watch our kids on the athletic fields. Please remember to apply sunscreen to your exposed skin to prevent skin damage. SPF 30 and above is the best to reduce the risk of future skin cancers. Remember that skin damage due to sun exposure is cumulative so it is especially important to apply sunscreen to your children. It is probably wise to choose a sunscreen that stays on well with perspiration and swimming. I prefer sunscreen that contains zinc oxide. For example, Neutrogena Sensitive Skin, which can be purchased at any local Target for under ten dollars. Pools will be opening soon so let’s get ready and purchase the sunscreen now! Dr. David McSurdy Orthodontist Serving both the Collegeville & Gilbertsville areas