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Boots! Boots! Wonderful boots!

Posted on February 4, 2014 by smilespecialadmin. Tagged: , , ,

Have you ever read to your kids the book Smelly Socks by Robert Munsch?  The main character, Tina, gets a new pair of socks.  She is so excited about these new socks that she says, “Socks!  Socks! Wonderful socks!  I am NEVER, NEVER going to take them off.”  That’s kind of how we all feel about our boots these days!  Don’t you just love to tout about your beloved boot collection? Isn’t it exciting to find a new pair that is just right for this occasion or that?  How is it that we decide just which type of boot to wear on a given day?  It depends on what we’re doing, right?  We have a pair (usually the favorite) for “every day” and a pair for dressing up.  Can’t forget about the weather – it plays an important role in how we choose our boots.  We have a pair for rainy days, a pair for snowy days, and pair for just plain cold (but not wet) days. (all you Ugg fans know just what I mean)  Ankle, calf or knee height!  Stacked heel, stiletto heel or flat!  Leather, sheepskin, or rubber!  Cowboy, Motorcycle, or Fashion!  It’s all good!  Boots!  Boots!  Wonderful boots!  I am NEVER, NEVER going to reduce my boots.

Dr. Sarah S. Pavlow

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