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The future of Invisalign

Jul 13

Align Technology has provided orthodontists with a novel treatment that has enabled us to serve patients who otherwise would never have considered treatment with traditional braces. Initially, we only offered Invisalign® in simple cases with moderate spacing or crowding. We did not attempt to correct severe bite problems, such as overbite and open bite cases. The past few years have brought significant changes to our Invisalign® possibilities. Technological advances such as digital scanning of teeth contours and improved aligner plastic have contributed to a farm more accurate fit of the appliance. A better fitting aligner means more streamlined movements of teeth. Thus Invisalign® has become the treatment of choice for most adults and teenagers. The advantages of having Invisalign® treatment vs. braces include shorter treatment times, less discomfort, and easier cleansability. The cost of treatment is about the same, so increasingly patients are choosing Invisalign® treatment. Coming soon are overbite…

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