Adult Treatment

adulttreatment“Improving smile alignment and appearance at any age.”

Dramatic improvements in an individual’s dental health and appearance can be achieved at any age!  In fact, most adults are outstanding candidates for orthodontic treatment.

About 25% of all orthodontic patients are adults over the age of eighteen, and the process of moving teeth is the same for both adults and children.  While braces for children/teens are more common, adults can benefit just as much from orthodontic treatment, as it’s never too late to improve your smile.

Custom-made appliances, or braces, are prescribed by Dr. McSurdy according to the problem being treated.  There are many types of braces available today for adults that can fit into any lifestyle.  Some are clear and fixed to the teeth while others are clear and removable like Invisalign® & 3M Clear Aligners.

Our practice is a Premier Preferred provider of Invisalign® & 3M Clear Aligners treatment. This means that you can enjoy excellent treatment from a professional with extensive experience. It also means that you can undergo treatment with confidence!

What To Expect

During your complimentary initial examination, we will be able to determine the best possible approach for straightening your teeth according to your individual needs.  Also, we will outline the treatment plan, time of treatment expected, and the approximate cost.

“It’s never too late to improve your greatest asset – your smile!”

Let Dr. David McSurdy Give You a New Smile!

If you are ready for a new smile, you can start by scheduling a complimentary consultation. At this appointment, we can talk to you about your treatment options and how each one can benefit your unique smile. You will find that our honest and upfront style puts your mind at ease when you are deciding on orthodontic treatment.

Call our office today to get started with your new smile!