Early Treatment

The Two Parts to a Perfect Smile

early treatment
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The two parts to a perfect smile represent the two critical phases of orthodontic treatment. The first phase is termed developmental treatment, and the second phase is termed completion treatment. Successful, lifelong results can be realized when both phases are carried out at the proper time.

Dr. McSurdy stresses an early intervention approach to the orthodontic treatment process. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that every child be evaluated for orthodontic therapy by the age of seven.

The Benefits of Developmental Treatment

We want to help you give your child a lifetime of healthy smiles! Early treatment of orthodontic issues can help your child’s oral health in a number of ways by positioning the teeth and jaw for optimum health. When carried out by an orthodontist with extensive experience, developmental treatment:

  • Creates adequate space for crowded teeth, thus reducing the need for extractions of permanent teeth.
  • Reduces the total time in treatment, and the overall treatment is typically completed prior to high school.
  • Encourages cooperation; pre-teen patients are very enthusiastic about wearing braces!
  • Improves a young person’s self esteem.
  • Reduces the risk of fracture to protruding front teeth.
  • Enables the orthodontist to direct jaw growth, thus helping to improve the bite.
  • Helps make the entire treatment process to be less complex and thus easier for the patient.

Your child’s oral health is of utmost importance to us, and we are here to help your child grow into a healthy, beautiful smile through timely developmental treatment!

Give Your Child a Head Start on a Healthy Smile!

If you have not had your child evaluated for orthodontic therapy, you can schedule a consultation with our excellent orthodontist, Dr. David McSurdy. We are ready to give you answers and help you plan beneficial treatments for the precious smiles you love most!