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Cold and Flu Season and Oral Health

Dec 30

  COMING DOWN WITH the flu is never any fun, but it’s still no time to let up on your oral hygiene routine. The same applies if you get a cold. With flu and cold season starting up, we thought this was a good time to share some tips for maintaining good oral health through one of these common illnesses. Brushing and Flossing Can Help You Feel Better As well as you can while sick, try to remember to brush and floss as usual. It’s not just about the comfort of maintaining some part of your normal routine, or about getting some small sense of accomplishment out of it — no, brushing and flossing can actually make you feel better! Keeping your mouth as clean as possible is a real boost to your overall sense of well-being. A clean mouth helps you feel rejuvenated and refreshed, so don’t let the simple habits of…

Sugar, Its Many Aliases, and Your Teeth

Dec 10

WHAT COMES TO MIND when you hear the word “sugar”? Probably your favorite type of candy or dessert, maybe your favorite soda. You probably didn’t picture barbecue sauce, granola bars, flavored yogurt, or fruit juice, but all of these and plenty more foods you wouldn’t suspect are loaded with sugar. That isn’t great news for our oral health. Sugar Versus Our Teeth Why are dental health professionals like us wary of sugar? Simple. The harmful bacteria on our teeth and gums like to eat sugar as much as we do. When they’ve enjoyed a tasty meal from the food fragments that remain in your mouth after a sweet treat, they excrete acid onto your teeth. This acid eats away at tooth enamel and irritates the gums, and if we aren’t careful, it can lead to issues like tooth decay and gum disease. Learn to Recognize the Many Names of Sugar If sugar…

Black Friday Invisalign Special Event

Nov 25

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! From all of us at Dr.McSurdy’s office, we sincerely thank you for entrusting us with your orthodontic care, and feel very blessed to count you as our friends and family! BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! On December 4th & 5th Dr.McSurdy will be hosting our annual Invisalign Special Event! We will offer incredible incentives for those that have a consultation and begin treatment that same day. Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot today!* What: Invisalign Special Event When: Wednesday, December 4th & Thursday, December 5th Where: Wednesday in our Collegeville office and Thursday in our Gilbertsville office Financial Incentive of $500 off FULL Invisalign treatment Reduced Down Payment to Begin Treatment Extended Interest Free Financing to Lower Monthly Payments Space is limited, so call today to claim your spot as soon as possible. If you are contacting us after hours, you can email us by…

Benefits of Invisalign® first

Jun 18

Invisalign® first introduces a new way to achieve phase one treatment for the needs of patients from ages 7-10. Dr.McSurdy will be offering Invisalign® first to treat phase one cases with aligners that are specifically designed to target young jaws and or/ arches to make room for existing teeth and for incoming permanent teeth. Invisalign® first can correct a broad range of younger patients’ malocclusions, manage erupting dentition, and guide dental arch expansion, just like traditional braces can do. Dr.McSurdy is excited to offer Invisalign® first to achieve the developmental treatment goals in the two-phase treatment. Benefits of Invisalign® first · No wire pokes or broken brackets means fewer trips to the office for repairs · Faster, more predictable treatments means fewer appointments and better outcomes · No food restrictions – each whatever you want, whenever you want Dr. McSurdy is a top provider of Invisalign® and has treated over…

Live Healthy and Meditate

Jun 5

Consistent  good oral hygiene absolutely improves your health! Preventing dental disease and periodontal disease strengthens your immune system and allows your body to use its defense system to ward off all other pathogens. This keeps your body strong. This is a busy world and it is easy to engage in the “rat race” and become distracted from what is really important in life. Taking a few minutes a day to meditate can help to re-route your thoughts and come back to reality. Doing so can improve your health and your life as stress is greatly reduced. This must be done on a daily basis to have a true effect on healthier living. This has been known for thousands of years. Focus on your breathing and you will feel renewed and more relaxed. It is impossible to think about stressful daily events when you are totally focused on thin king only…

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