St.Patty’s Day Pizza Giveaway

Contest Details:  On either of our social media pages (Facebook or Instagram) follow these simple two steps: Comment with your favorite pizza topping. Tag your favorite local pizza shop (Let’s try to keep this to our local pizza places, non-chain) One winner will be selected at random on March 17th. Winner will be contacted through the social media channel they used. Gift card cannot be mailed, must be picked up at either one of our office locations (Collegeville or Gilbertsville). Winner does not have to be a patient of ours to participate in contest.

A Quick Round of Orthodontic FAQs

A LOT OF PEOPLE don’t know very much about how orthodontic treatment works, which means that we tend to hear a lot of the same questions from our patients. Let’s head some of those off with a quick Q-and-A session, but make sure you bring any questions we don’t cover here to your next appointment! What is a malocclusion? “Malocclusion” means “bad bite” in Latin, and it’s the umbrella term for the following problems: Overbites: the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth more than they should when biting down Underbites: the lower teeth cover the upper teeth when biting down Crossbites: some upper teeth are in front and others are behind when biting down Deep bites: an overbite so extreme that the lower teeth touch the gums behind the upper teeth when biting down Each type of malocclusion comes with a different set of dental health risks and other problems…

The Importance of a Healthy Bite


How your top teeth and bottom teeth fit together is important for your teeth to remain healthy. It is also important to have straight teeth so that your bite can fit together in a balanced and happy manner. Dental arch form is ideal only when it is a “U” shaped. The teeth are fitting best when all of the teeth are aligned and the top teeth are gently overlapping the lower teeth. A proper bite prevents crowding, periodontal consequences, and tooth wear problems down the road. Also, jaw problems are reduced by creating a healthy bite. Orthodontics creates a healthy bite whether we employ Invisalign or traditional braces. As an orthodontic practice, we create beautiful smiles, but just as important, we create healthy bites for our patients that last a lifetime. This patient achieved not only a nice alignment, but also a healthy bite. If you are interested in taking…

Chalk You Walk Contest


Chalk Your Walk Sidewalk Contest  *To submit photos, please email them to or send them though a direct message on Facebook or Instagram. *The photo submission with the most votes at the end of the day on September 4th will be chosen as the winner. The gift card must be picked up at one of our office locations and cannot be mailed (Collegeville or Gilbertsville).

Cold and Flu Season and Oral Health

  COMING DOWN WITH the flu is never any fun, but it’s still no time to let up on your oral hygiene routine. The same applies if you get a cold. With flu and cold season starting up, we thought this was a good time to share some tips for maintaining good oral health through one of these common illnesses. Brushing and Flossing Can Help You Feel Better As well as you can while sick, try to remember to brush and floss as usual. It’s not just about the comfort of maintaining some part of your normal routine, or about getting some small sense of accomplishment out of it — no, brushing and flossing can actually make you feel better! Keeping your mouth as clean as possible is a real boost to your overall sense of well-being. A clean mouth helps you feel rejuvenated and refreshed, so don’t let the simple habits of…