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Teenager Treatment Options

Is your teen hesitant to smile because of crooked teeth? Or do they avoid social situations because of their smile? Trusting the dental health of your child to someone else isn’t a decision to be made lightly. Dr. McSurdy has treated thousands of teenagers using the Invisalign® & 3M Clear Aligners Teen system and traditional braces.

Dr. McSurdy has achieved the distinction of becoming top 1% Invisalign® & 3M Clear Aligners providers. This means he has successfully treated over 800 patients using the Invisalign® & 3M Clear Aligners treatment and Invisalign® & 3M Clear Aligners Teen systems.

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Invisalign® & 3M Clear Aligners Teen or Braces?

Our excellent staff will help you choose the right product for the specific needs of your teen. We offer informed and honest smile evaluations designed to give you all the information you need make the best decision. Here are our teen orthodontic services:

  • Invisalign® & 3M Clear Aligners Teen.Invisalign® & 3M Clear Aligners Teen gives the teen patient the utmost flexibility and ease while maintaining the best correction possible. Being almost undetectable, Invisalign® & 3M Clear Aligners Teen gives your child confidence and comfort in any situation. The unique blue to clear color-changing system makes knowing when to move to the next aligner simple and straightforward. Give your teen the confidence of a beautiful smile today!
  • Braces. Traditional metal braces have come a long way throughout the years. Stainless steel brackets and lightweight materials make this option less visible and easier to maintain than ever before. Let us help your teen with their smile today!

Caring for Invisalign® & 3M Clear Aligners Teen or Braces

For busy teenagers, finding time to care for their orthodontic appliances becomes almost impossible. Here are some tips to caring for braces and Invisalign® & 3M Clear Aligners Teen with limited time:

  • Invisalign® & 3M Clear Aligners Teen: Because Invisalign® & 3M Clear Aligners Teen aligners are removable, this makes brushing and flossing the same as it has always been. The issue then becomes to keep your aligners clean and well cared for. You should:
    1. When not in the mouth, keep your aligner in the protective case we provided you.
    2. Brush teeth AND aligner between all meals and snacks. If you can’t brush, AT LEAST rinse your mouth well with water.
    3. Take an oral hygiene kit everywhere you go. Being prepared is key to the health and effectiveness of Invisalign® & 3M Clear Aligners Teen.
  • Braces: Braces are a little bit tricky to clean. You should:
    1. Take your time and focus on each tooth individually, especially around connection sites.
    2. Use the correct angle. Brush the top side of braces with your toothbrush angled down and do the opposite on the bottom side.
    3. Make sure you clean EVERYTHING, as plaque tends to migrate.
    4. Brush after eating. Food tends to get stuck between teeth and braces, causing decay and weakening of braces.

With the right care, your braces will be more effective and keep you out of the orthodontist’s chair for needed repairs.

Can My Teen Still Participate In Extracurricular Activities?

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The answer to this question is yes! Your child can still, with extra care, participate in all their extracurricular activities with braces or Invisalign® & 3M Clear Aligners Teen. With traditional braces, our orthodontist will provide you with a mouth guard when in a contact sporting event. With Invisalign® & 3M Clear Aligners Teen, you simply remove your aligner to play sports or your musical instrument.

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We believe in offering a complimentary consultation to each patient. This gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have and learn what orthodontic treatment would best fit the needs of your teenager. We combine the latest technology with unsurpassed knowledge to give you the highest quality orthodontic experience. Our goal is to give you the best smile you can have at a fair price. Simply click here, or call our friendly staff today at 610-489-6032 to schedule your complimentary consultation.