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A Quick Round of Orthodontic FAQs

Feb 10

A LOT OF PEOPLE don’t know very much about how orthodontic treatment works, which means that we tend to hear a lot of the same questions from our patients. Let’s head some of those off with a quick Q-and-A session, but make sure you bring any questions we don’t cover here to your next appointment! What is a malocclusion? “Malocclusion” means “bad bite” in Latin, and it’s the umbrella term for the following problems: Overbites: the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth more than they should when biting down Underbites: the lower teeth cover the upper teeth when biting down Crossbites: some upper teeth are in front and others are behind when biting down Deep bites: an overbite so extreme that the lower teeth touch the gums behind the upper teeth when biting down Each type of malocclusion comes with a different set of dental health risks and other problems…

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