Can Invisalign Fix an Overbite?

Having some form of Malocclusion can be a huge hit to your self-esteem. You may feel like you should never smile so your condition doesn’t show, but you shouldn’t live your life this way. There are resources and tools you can use to your advantage to fix this ailment causing you so much turmoil. There is a new and revolutionary tool being used in the dental field to help people with their malocclusion and it’s at a reasonable price were you to go to the right person.

Dr. McSurdy and Staff have had the privilege of being able to work with a variety of different groups of people so we know how to treat almost any problem coming our way. We have a reputable team behind us who will do everything in their power to ensure you are comfortable and leave with a better smile than when you came in.  We have all the tools necessary to fix your malocclusion it’s just a matter of when you want to start. Contact us now if you have any more questions or need assistance scheduling an appointment.

What is Malocclusion?

The term “occlusion” refers to the alignment of your teeth. If they are forming properly they are rightfully occluded. However, not everyone can have perfectly lined teeth naturally, which is what leads to people developing malocclusions. This misalignment of your teeth can cause various problems to form.

We are all familiar with the most common type of malocclusion; an overbite. This is when your top layered teeth are extending too far forward and reach past your bottom layer of teeth. You may also be familiar with people with crooked teeth. These type of people may have trouble speaking certain words and then develop a lisp later on in life. They may also have a harder time keeping their teeth clean since they’re not formed right making crevices for bacteria to hide in. Fortunately, there are dental tools out there people can use to fix their oral concerns.

Can an Overbite and Crooked Teeth Be Fixed With Invisalign?

Having an overbite or crooked teeth can really dampen someone’s self-esteem. They may not feel comfortable smiling with their teeth showing because of how malformed their teeth are. But, they shouldn’t have to worry about this problem anymore since there are tools they can use to fix it. Invisalign is the perfect retainer to use to help people get the teeth they are seeking out.

Invisalign Will Fix Your Overbite

Invisalign is a set of retainers you put on your teeth and have it slowly push your teeth to the right spots. You have to wear them every day of the year until they have accomplished their mission. Invisalign will help push your top-layered teeth into their right positions, which is why so many people seek this kind of treatment out.

Crooked Teeth Can be Corrected With Invisalign

Crooked teeth are one of the easiest problems to fix with Invisalign. They will non-invasively sit on top of your teeth and slowly push them into the right positions. You won’t even notice they are doing this until they have dramatically changed the way you smile. You will never stop smiling without your teeth showing again.

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