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Give your teen the gift of beautifully straight teeth with Invisalign Teen. Without the bulky look of metal braces, your child will have more self confidence in social situations through the almost undetectable Invisalign Teen System. No more unsightly metal braces in yearbook, family, or Snapchat photos.

Dr. McSurdy has successfully treated hundreds of teens with Invisalign Teen. Check out some of the before and after pictures in our Gallery of Smiles.

What is Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign Teen has some favorable benefits over traditional braces for your teenager. In recent years, teenagers have become busier than ever before. Invisalign Teen is the most flexible and convenient system for the teenager who schedule leaves little time for braces. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of the Invisalign Teen System:

  • Invisible Treatment: In a time when your teenager is just forming and developing their own sense of self, adding braces into the mix could be damaging. With the Invisalign Teen clear aligners, the necessary orthodontic treatment is virtually invisible.
  • Freedom: Metal braces have made playing sports and instruments more cumbersome. Because Invisalign Teen aligners can be removed, teens have the freedom to do any desired activity or sport. It is vital that the aligners be worn for 21-22 hours a day, but this treatment still offers more freedom along with effective orthodontic treatment.
  • Food Choices: Invisalign Teen comes with none of the pesky food restrictions of traditional braces. Teens can go out with friends or on dates without the embarrassment of a restrictive diet.
  • Oral Hygiene: Metal braces have always come with a specific and intense cleaning regimen to avoid cavities and gum issues. Invisalign Teen aligners are removed before eating, and teens simply brush and floss before replacing the aligner. What could be more simple?
  • Less Pain: Invisalign Teen aligners are made of a smooth plastic that is customized for your teeth. Most of the pain of traditional braces comes from the rough metal brackets rubbing on the lips and gums causing abrasions. While there will always be some discomfort associated with braces, Invisalign Teen makes comfort a top priority.

Our doctor also reports Invisalign patients having shorter prescribed treatment plans than with metal braces. Invisalign Teen also has a unique blue to clear color changing system that helps teen know when to move to the next aligner.

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With orthodontic options as easy and comfortable as Invisalign Teen, it would be a shame to choose anything else. Our friendly staff will keep you informed in every step of the process. We love our Collegeville and Gilbertsville patients and their families, and we love seeing the beautiful smiles achieved through exceptional orthodontic work.

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