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When looking for a qualified orthodontic specialist, experience and education should be top priority. Every set teeth and patient is unique and an individualized care plan should reflect that. At The Smile Specialists we take our education and training seriously. We ensure each member of our staff is highly qualified and expertly trained. Your comfort and care are our first priority.

More about Invisalign, Invisalign Teen and traditional Braces.

While braces are more common among younger patients, most adults can benefit from orthodontic care. With the options becoming less intrusive and almost invisible, adults are turning to orthodontics more regularity. An improved smile and appearance is important for everyone. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Invisalign. Invisalign braces one of our more popular products. The ability to straighten your teeth almost undetected is very appealing to adults, teens and children alike. Our staff expertly mold a customized, removable aligner that gradually moves teeth.
  • Invisalign Teen. Invisalign teen is a great option for teen patients. This gives the teen the ability to straighten teeth without the unsightliness of the more traditional metal braces. Invisalign Teen also offers the flexibility to remove the device for brushing and better oral care.
  • Braces. Traditional braces have become more streamlined and less bulky making comfort a high priority.

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Finding the right orthodontic expert is the key to successful straightening treatment. With decades of combined experience, our caring staff have the knowledge to help you make an informed decision. We are honest and forthright about every aspect of your care. Your smile is the first thing people notice about you, let us help you make it a great one! Call us at 1-610-489-6032 for your obligation-free consultation today! Let us give you a reason to smile!