Local Orthodontist in Collegeville, PA

With a population estimated to be around 5,130 people, the city of Collegeville, Pennsylvania, is a rather tight-knit community. Many of the people who grew up in the city probably know people they grew up with or saw in high school. Word-of-mouth is an important aspect of trying out new businesses, but this may not be the best strategy to follow when it comes to something like an orthodontist working on your teeth.

Finding a local orthodontist can be rather easy, but you don’t want to trust this kind of work to just anyone. You need to make sure the people you decide to solve you or your child’s crooked teeth know what they are doing. Thankfully, McSurdy and Staff have been assisting people in the local community and beyond for decades. We will know exactly what kind of teeth straightening tool matching your lifestyle and needs just off on one simple conversation. Contact us now if you want to learn more about what we do or if you want to schedule an in-person appointment.

Should I See an Orthodontist?

Normally, people discover they need to see an orthodontist after repeated visits to their general dentist, but you can actually identify the need at home. All you need to do is see if you or your child’s teeth are properly lined up next to each other and aren’t overlapping each other. This consists of teeth facing various directions, watching your top layer of teeth stop in front of your bottom or vice-versa. Dental malocclusion is the medical term for what you are seeing with your teeth, but it doesn’t mean you need to suffer from the consequences of this problem. Seeing an orthodontist will ensure you and your child get the treatment needed to fix this condition.

When Should I Bring My Child to the Orthodontist?

Many people are concerned about when is the proper time to bring their child to an orthodontist, which is a reasonable concern since their mouth is still forming. However, this is the exact reason why they should see an orthodontist once they turn seven years old. The orthodontist will be able to come up with a plan to quickly fix what is happening. Since children’s teeth are more flexible, it won’t be as uncomfortable for them and will also create faster results.

The Best Local Orthodontist in Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Picking the best orthodontist for you and your child can be a daunting task to take on, especially when you don’t know what to look for. Thankfully, places, like McSurdy and Staff, provide our patients with a variety of options to choose from so they can use something matching their lifestyle instead of having to completely alter their routine for an isolated option. It is an added bonus all of our treatments are in a reasonable price range so you never have to pay an outrageous fee for something you need.

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Despite millions of people having crooked teeth or dental malocclusions, it doesn’t mean you should just ignore it. Leaving this problem can actually affect the way you speak, eat, breathe and even the development of bacteria. McSurdy and Staff want to provide a method you can utilize to prevent the growth of cavities and other dental conditions, while also developing the perfect smile. Contact us now if you want to learn more about what we do or if you want to schedule an appointment for a free smile analysis.