P.I.E. Press-On Incremental Expanders

In order to create beautifully healthy smiles, sometimes we need to make room for all of your teeth to come in.  One way of doing this is by expanding the upper jaw.

Innovations in Orthodontics from Dr. McSurdy

Until now, the upper jaw has always been expanded in the same way.  A jack screw appliance applies instant pressure to the molar area, thus forcing the upper jaw to expand.  The effect of too much force too fast can result in pain, dizziness, and speaking and/or eating difficulty.

We have a better way! Press-on Incremental Expanders (P.I.E.) are a series of plastic palatal expanders that gently increase the width of the upper jaw.  This system allows the force of expansion to be delivered slowly over a 24 hour period, thus giving the patient’s mouth time to conform to the shape of the appliance.

Our patients appreciate the more gradual change. By slowing down the force of expansion, we typically make treatment more comfortable for our patients and reduce the likelihood that they will experience unpleasant symptoms.

Dr. McSurdy personally designed and patented the appliance (US Patent No. 7,192,273 B2), and Press-on Incremental Expanders are an important component of our developmental treatment process here at our practice.

Developing Healthy Smiles!

Developmental treatment takes advantage of the fact that your child’s teeth and jaw are still growing. Expanding your child’s jaw at the right time can allow teeth to grow in at optimal angles and placement. This can prevent some orthodontic issues and help give your child a head start on a healthy smile!

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