Are Braces Cheaper Than Invisalign?

The professionals at The Smile Specialists are committed to helping families around Collegeville and Gilbertsville receive effective and affordable oral care. The average cost of braces depends on the extent and duration of the treatment. Usually, full orthodontic treatment costs less than $6000, though for teenagers and children it’s typically less. On average, Invisalign costs a little more, but the treatment is shorter and less painful.

Investing in braces is the same as investing in long-term oral health. Corrected teeth can prevent malocclusions, gum disease, and bone erosion. Those with straightened teeth have improved speech, self-confidence, and overall oral health. Taking a few months to improve your smile is undeniably worth it.

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Are Braces Better Than Invisalign?

Both braces and Invisalign are designed to straighten your smile and improve your overall oral health. Since 2010, patients around the world have been using Invisalign as an alternative to braces. Invisalign consists of two custom-fitted, clear aligners that fit over the patient’s teeth anytime they’re not eating or playing contact sports. They require patients to rinse the aligners every day and avoid drinking anything but water. After each meal, patients must brush their teeth before inserting the aligners in order to avoid tooth discoloration. Although Invisalign is ideal for patients who may be self-conscious about having metal brackets and wires in their mouth, it may not be appropriate for those who require extensive correction.

Patients with traditional braces don’t need to worry about replacing them before and after each meal. Aside from the initial discomfort, braces are relatively low maintenance. Patients must avoid chewing hard or sticky foods in order to keep their brackets from breaking. Also, regular brushing and flossing are crucial for making sure bacteria can’t hide in the small crevices between brackets and wire. We recommend traditional braces for patients that require substantial tooth and jaw correction.

Although braces and Invisalign have the same end result, the treatment process is different. Patients with braces have follow up appointments every month for maintenance and tightening. Those with Invisalign must come in every two weeks for new alignment trays. Patients who frequently participate in contact sports may prefer Invisalign because they could remove their aligners during each game.

No matter the choice, The Smile Specialists will help you receive the best treatment possible. We believe in continuous education, and Dr. McSurdy and Dr. Pavlow participate in international seminars each year. In order to stay informed and aware of all the new cutting-edge orthodontic practices, our team attends annual trainings. Each member of our staff is friendly and trained to help your family improve their oral health. Call The Smile Specialists today!

Many people typically think of orthodontic care as an aesthetic improvement. Unfortunately, there are many oral health risks involved with crooked teeth. Orthodontic care can be used to treat a wide range of oral issues. If you live in Boyertown and are experiencing issues with your teeth, you can take advantage of The Smile Specialists for your orthodontic care.

The Smile Specialists provides orthodontic treatments to people in the greater Philadelphia area. Our offices aim to provide each patient with the perfect treatment to help them achieve the smile they always dreamed of. Our facilities are equipped to provide the most progressive orthodontic treatments. Learn more about our braces and invisalign treatments.

Braces Treatments

As mentioned, braces are used to address a wide variety of issues. Braces are typically used to correct underbites, malocclusions, overbites, deep bites, cross bites, and crooked teeth. One common issue with crooked teeth is tooth decay. Crooked teeth make it easy for bacteria to hide. With straight teeth, you are more effective when brushing and flossing.

Treatment involves getting a set of braces attached to your mouth. They are typically made of metals such as titanium and they put pressure on your teeth that pushes them into a straight position. Through regular check ups, your teeth will be examined and your progress is tracked. Once treatment is complete, the braces are removed and you get to see your straight smile.

Invisalign Treatments

Often, patients ask for a less invasive or discrete form of treatment. Invisalign provides just that. Invisalign treatment provides patients with clear trays that provide teeth straightening. These trays are not easy to notice so patients get a nearly invisible way to achieve a perfect smile. Multiple trays are provided for the patient because each pushes your teeth further into a straight position.

Typically, treatment with Invisalign is more comfortable than braces. Trays can be removed whenever you need to eat, drink, or brush your teeth. It is best to wear trays 20 to 22 hours of the day. This will help you reach the results you are looking for quickly. Each tray gets you one step closer to the goal.

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