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Your teeth play an important role in your life. Everything from basic survival to confidence, straight teeth are an important facet to many people’s lives. Of course, many think of teeth straightening as a purely aesthetic improvement. However, straight teeth will help you improve your oral health and avoid many complications with your mouth.

The Smile Specialists provide orthodontic care to residents throughout the greater Philadelphia area. Anybody living in Douglassville can take advantage of the excellent service and care available in our offices. We are equipped with the staff and equipment to provide you a treatment plan that will help you achieve your goals. Learn more about our braces and invisalign treatments.

The Benefits of Braces

As we mentioned, straight teeth benefit both the look of your smile and your oral health. Braces are used to straighten your teeth and treat a wide variety of issues. Braces are typically used to correct malocclusions, underbites, overbites, deep bites, cross bites, and crooked teeth. Straight teeth are also easier to clean and help you avoid tooth decay.

Many of these issues can have a huge effect on your health. For one, a misaligned bite can put a lot of pressure on your mouth and cause pain in the jaw. Bacteria also have an easy time hiding in your teeth and gums. With braces, your teeth will be straightened and help you improve your bite and oral health.

Discreet Treatment With Invisalign

Many of our patients are nervous about braces and ask about alternative treatments. In many cases, it may be embarrassment from having braces. Luckily, treatments like Invisalign often provide the teeth straightening that is needed. We can evaluate your situation and determine if Invisalign is the right treatment to get you the results you want.

Invisalign treatment is a set of trays that are used during the majority of the day to straighten your teeth. They are removable so you can take them off when you need to eat, drink or brush. Meanwhile, the trays are nearly invisible so nobody will notice that you are getting your teeth straightened. For the best results, it is recommended you wear the trays for 20 to 22 hours a day.

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