Are Braces Better Than Invisalign?

Traditional braces are the preferred treatment for those who need extensive tooth and jaw correction. Invisalign was founded twenty years ago to provide patients with an alternative to traditional braces. Invisalign patients receive clear aligners every two weeks that gently correct and straighten teeth. Regardless of the treatment, straighter teeth improve overall oral health and can lead to better self-confidence.

We recommend Invisalign for patients who need minor tooth adjustment and who frequently participate in contact sports. Athletes can remove the aligners before playing, reducing the risk of breakage or injury. Unlike braces, Invisalign doesn’t create more spaces in your teeth for bacteria to collect. However, Invisalign patients are required to remove each aligner before sports, eating, or drinking anything other than water. Before reinserting the aligners, patients must clean them and brush their teeth. Keeping the aligners clean requires daily maintenance, and it’s crucial for preventing discoloration.

On the other hand, braces require less maintenance. Children and teenagers don’t ever have to remove braces before meals, and their only responsibilities are avoiding hard, sticky foods and thoroughly brushing and flossing every day. Traditional braces are able to correct severely misaligned teeth, and they don’t require as many checkups.

Regardless of your kind of treatment, The Smile Specialists are here to make sure everything goes smoothly. We are committed to helping families around Skippack receive high-quality, affordable oral care. Dr. McSurdy and Dr. Pavlow are active members of the American Dental Association, and they participate in annual conferences. Alongside them is a dream team of friendly assistants who stay updated on the latest orthodontic research by attending national conferences each year. The best way to decide between traditional braces and Invisalign is to come in for your first free appointment.

Does Invisalign Cost More?

During the first complimentary consultation, we take pictures and x-rays of your mouth and consult you on which treatment will work best for you. Invisalign usually ends up costing a little more, but the treatment is often shorter in duration. The cost of braces depends on the extent of the treatment, but it hardly ever exceeds $6000. Treatment for children and teenagers almost always costs less because their jaws are more malleable. Come in today for a personal quote and consultation!

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For years, The Smile Specialists have provided affordable and effective oral care for families around Skippack, Pennsylvania. Our friendly staff is trained and committed to maintaining long-term relationships with each patient. Call today for your first appointment!

If you are experiencing issues due to crooked teeth, it is important to seek an orthodontist for your oral health. There are a wide array of issues that can arise from crooked teeth that go beyond the aesthetics. While most seek an orthodontist to improve their smile, their treatments can also prevent several health issues. Luckily, if you live in Skippack, you can take advantage of orthodontic treatments from The Smile Specialists.

The Smile Specialists offer the best in orthodontic care to residents of Skippack. Our facilities are well prepared with the staff and equipment needed to provide our patients with the most reliable and progressive orthodontic treatments available. We aim to provide you with comfort during each visit and to provide the solutions that are best suited for your smile. Learn more about the treatments we offer, such as braces and invisalign.

Braces Treatment

It is crucial to understand that orthodontic care does more than provide you with a straight smile. It also helps you avoid a wide array of oral health issues that are common with crooked teeth. Braces are a great way to achieve straight teeth. This will help you avoid problems with tooth decay or uneven bites. They are used to correct underbites, malocclusions, overbites, deep bites, cross bites, crooked teeth, and various other flaws.

Braces are made of metal bars and brackets. They are attached to your teeth to help move them into a straight position. When you come in for an appointment, we evaluate your mouth and determine the best method for straightening. You can then come in for regular visits to track your progress and tighten your braces if needed. When the treatment is complete, your braces are removed and you can enjoy your straight smile.

Invisalign Treatment

This treatment is great for those who may be embarrassed of braces and want a more discreet orthodontic treatment. It is also less invasive than braces and can be a more comfortable experience for many patients. This treatment provides you with customized invisible trays that are nearly invisible to the naked eye. Each tray gets you a step closer to your goal.

If this solution is a great fit for you, you can enjoy a treatment that is quick and comfortable. It is best to wear each tray for about 2 weeks for 20 to 22 hours a day. This will provide you with the best and quickest results. The trays are also removable so you can easily do activities, such as eating and brushing, without any trouble.

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Living in Skippack, you can take advantage of our orthodontists and their excellent treatments. We will provide you with a treatment plan that will work best for your lifestyle. We are here to provide you with comfort and care. If you want to schedule a visit, you can contact us here or give us a call at 610.489.6032!

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