Soda and Braces

Keeping your braces clean will lead to a straightened smile and improved overall health. Daily flossing and brushing is necessary to keep the areas around each bracket plaque-free. Minimizing plaque in the mouth requires routine brushing and avoidance of sugary substances. Soda, fruit juice and candy contain sugar that activates the bacteria found in plaque. When this bacteria comes in contact with sugar, it produces an acid that eats through tooth enamel and causes tooth decay. Limiting sugary drinks will lead to better overall oral care and cleaner teeth.

Oral maintenance with braces requires additional care. Braces provide plaque with additional places to stick, so carefully brushing around each bracket is necessary for maintaining a healthy mouth. We recommend brushing three times a day and once before bed. Use a fluoride toothpaste to strengthen enamel. Also, don’t forget to floss! Although flossing between braces can be difficult, we will give you a special thread that enables you to clean between your teeth near the gums.

Regularly brushing, flossing, and never missing a visit with the orthodontist will lead to straighter and healthier teeth. The expert team at The Smile Specialists is committed to giving Pennsylvania families top-notch orthodontic care. Dr. McSurdy is trained and experienced in treating patients by using a wide variety of care. Our cutting-edge orthodontic technology will provide you with straighter teeth, a brighter smile, and improved overall oral health. View our onlineschedule or call 610-489-6032 to set up an appointment.

Other Drinks to Avoid

Sugar is not exclusive to soda. Coffee, tea, fruit juice, and sports drinks all contain tannins and sugar that can stain your teeth. We recommend limiting the consumption of these drinks and brushing your teeth soon after consuming them. If the sugar stays in your mouth too long, it can lead to staining and cavities. Those with braces are more susceptible to tooth stains because plaque can collect around the bracket. Ask The Smile Specialists about different kinds of mouthwash that you could rinse with after drinking a sugary beverage. If you don’t want to completely eliminate sugary drinks from your diet, limiting consumption will lead to a healthier mouth.

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