How to Take Care of Braces

Braces are one of the most popular ways to straighten teeth. By correcting misaligned teeth, braces help to prevent gum inflammation and cavities. Braces, however, create many tight spaces where plaque can build up and damage your teeth. By learning how to take care of braces and properly clean your teeth, you can protect them from stains and tooth decay.

The expert team at The Smile Specialists will help you maintain your braces so that you can safely correct your teeth without worrying about cavities. Dr. McSurdy is committed to helping families around Philadelphia receive the best smile treatment. We are an Invisalign top 1% provider, and we are dedicated to offering the highest levels of care. Come in for a first, complimentary visit and we will diagnose problems and make recommendations for treatment. We will take photos and X-rays of your face and teeth free of charge! View our schedule or call 610-489-6032 to set up an appointment.

Don’t Forget the Basics

Cleaning braces is similar to the way you clean your teeth, only it requires a bit more effort. Thoroughly brushing out the plaque between each bracket will prevent stains from appearing on the surface of each tooth. Our highly-trained staff will show you how to floss by threading through the wire to reach plaque near the gum. Visiting us regularly will also help your mouth stay clean. Use fluoride toothpaste and hold your brush at a 45-degree angle. Apply gentle pressure as you move the brush in small circular motions around each bracket. Thoroughly brush the upper and lower teeth, and don’t forget to reach behind them.

When you’re done brushing, smile in front of the mirror. Check and see if you missed any areas around your brackets. We recommend flossing once a day and brushing at least three times a day, including once before bed. Doing so will prevent small stains from appearing on your teeth. Getting your braces off is a much anticipated day, and you won’t want yellow spots around where your brackets used to be. Regularly visiting the orthodontist for a cleaning will ensure that your braces are cleaned and maintained.

Visit the Orthodontist

Although the most important part of maintaining clean braces is remembering to brush and floss daily, visiting the orthodontist every couple of months will ensure that your teeth are moving properly and staying clean. Don’t skip checkups! If anything breaks or feels uncomfortable for extended periods of time, check in with us to make sure your treatment is going smoothly.

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