Why Kids Get Braces

Brushing our teeth twice a day is a routine many of us are familiar with. Then there is the fewer number of people who continue to floss before they go to bed. However, there can be situations preventing you from cleaning all of your teeth completely, which is why it is recommended to see an orthodontist. They will be able to pinpoint the problem and see if malocclusion is developing.

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The Benefits of Braces and Invisalign

Not many people realize what malocclusion is, which is a shame because it affects millions of people every year. Malocclusion is when your bite doesn’t line up, this means your upper jaw is extending too far or your lower jar is extending too far. You may know these problems as an underbite or an overbite. Thankfully, braces and Invisalign has the potential to fix these ailments.

Braces are most commonly used and require the installment of all kinds of equipment into your mouth. This includes wires and brackets which may be uncomfortable for people to wear. You are even restricted to certain kinds of foods, which is a hindrance in itself. Invisalign will slowly straighten your teeth without any of this machinery. You just need to ensure you wear the retainer regularly so it can do its work. The only time you’ll take it off is to eat food, since you don’t want to destroy them

Why Should Kids Get Braces?

Malocclusion doesn’t just change the way people talk and eat their food; it can also cause problems brushing teeth. The malformation of teeth can create crevices where your toothbrush can’t reach. Unfortunately, there is no set age when you should wear braces or Invisalign, but it’s recommended for your child to obtain them at least before they turn ten. Your child will have an easier time brushing their teeth, talking and breathing. Additionally, adults can also wear these tools to straighten their smile, but its easier to catch the problem when they are younger.

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