The Words

Kathryn Stockett’s book The Help has many themes some of which include race, the importance of literature and writing, and society and class.  However another important theme, loving others, is explored through the relationship between Aibileen and Mae Mobley.   Mae Mobley is the two year old daughter of Elizabeth and Raleigh Leefolt.  Aibileen Clark is the maid who takes care of her.  Mae Mobley is neglected and physically and verbally abused by her mother Elizabeth. When Mae Mobley starts to believe these things are her own fault, Aibileen feels compelled to change the girl’s mind.  She tries to instill in the little girl a sense of self-worth by asking Mae Mobley to remember three things, “You is kind.  You is smart.  You is important.”  Abileen realizes that she has the power to influence this young child’s future by teaching her love, kindness and equality. Those three sentences have had a…

Great Dental Christmas Gifts

Only three more weeks till Christmas! Can you believe it? Ok, so gifts for your dental health might now be the first thing that comes to mind, but here are a few… Sonicare- toothbrushes for ages 12 and up definitely improve one’s dental health (Sonicare even makes a spin brush for children younger than 12). Protective clear anti-grinding appliance for prevention of tooth wear. Invisalign for teens and adults – amazing technology that really works! Whitening pens for ages 12 and up. Convenient, portable, and very effective. Results within two weeks. Great stocking stuffers. Botox and derma fillers – get rid of those creases and wrinkles ahead of the holidays. Of course – orthodontics! Great for self esteem for all! A fresh dental cleaning from your dentist – fresh breath and gleaming teeth to all. Happy shopping!