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Great Dental Christmas Gifts

Posted on December 6, 2013 by smilespecialadmin. Tagged: , , ,

Only three more weeks till Christmas! Can you believe it? Ok, so gifts for your dental health might now be the first thing that comes to mind, but here are a few…

  1. Sonicare- toothbrushes for ages 12 and up definitely improve one’s dental health (Sonicare even makes a spin brush for children younger than 12).
  2. Protective clear anti-grinding appliance for prevention of tooth wear.
  3. Invisalign for teens and adults – amazing technology that really works!
  4. Whitening pens for ages 12 and up. Convenient, portable, and very effective. Results within two weeks. Great stocking stuffers.
  5. Botox and derma fillers – get rid of those creases and wrinkles ahead of the holidays.
  6. Of course – orthodontics! Great for self esteem for all!
  7. A fresh dental cleaning from your dentist – fresh breath and gleaming teeth to all.

Happy shopping!

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