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Fine Cuisine in Collegeville

Sep 27

Chow Bistro is now open for business! Located at 454 E. Main Street in Collegeville, Chow offers great meals Tuesday through Sunday. Lunch and dinner with a Sunday Brunch from 9 – 2 PM. Owner’s Guy and Cathie Clauson have owned two BYO restaurants locally and their food service is outstanding! You can visit their website at Dr. McSurdy has been a fan of Guy’s food for a long time and would highly recommenced their cuisine to everyone. He is excited that there is a new restaurant in Collegeville for everyone to enjoy. Bon Appetite! Follow them on Facebook  

New Technology — Acceledent

Sep 19

Fast and efficient. Isn’t that what we want in today’s world? There is a new technology that is now available which can reduce orthodontic treatment times by up to 50%. Acceledent® Aura speeds up the movement of your teeth resulting in less time in braces or other orthodontic treatments, including Invisalign. Patients also report reduced pain and discomfort with Acceledent® Aura. The small, lightweight device provides gentle micro pulses to the teeth which speed up the bone remodeling process. Acceledent® Aura has been featured on The Doctors and multiple media outlets nationwide. Here are a few reports that you can review and even one from CNN saying that Acceledent® is the newest product for 2014. We want to offer all of the most up to date treatment options for our wonderful patients!

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