New Technology — Acceledent

Fast and efficient. Isn’t that what we want in today’s world? There is a new technology that is now available which can reduce orthodontic treatment times by up to 50%.

Acceledent® Aura speeds up the movement of your teeth resulting in less time in braces or other orthodontic treatments, including Invisalign. Patients also report reduced pain and discomfort with Acceledent® Aura.

The small, lightweight device provides gentle micro pulses to the teeth which speed up the bone remodeling process.

Acceledent® Aura has been featured on The Doctors and multiple media outlets nationwide. Here are a few reports that you can review and even one from CNN saying that Acceledent® is the newest product for 2014.

We want to offer all of the most up to date treatment options for our wonderful patients!