Summer Vacation tips from Dr.McSurdy

Isn’t it a great feeling you get when you are preparing for vacation? It’s a great chance to relax and recharge your batteries with some outdoors fun.

Here are some preparation reminders for our orthodontic patients from Dr. McSurdy:

  • Remember to pack your toothbrush and your proxybrush
  • Ask for extra elastics before you leave if needed
  • Pack your dental floss or your Airfloss (want to learn more about the Airfloss click here)
  • Pack your retainers if you have them
  • Do NOT wear your retainers while you are swimming
  • Store your retainers in your retainer case when not wearing them
  • Call us in the event of broken appliances
  • Ask us for orthodontic mouth guards if sports activities are planned.

We wish everyone a great summer filled with fun and relaxation!