Why Choose Us?

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One o f the unique and defining features of our practice is our PAINLESS  method of palatal expansion. Mouth breathing and thumb sucking can lead to a narrow upper jaw. Orthodontic treatment between the ages of 6-10 enables us to use our painless method which is described on the treatment options page. Or you can revisit our blog from January 2014 as well. Early treatment with our expansion system allows us to prevent and correct severe crowding and flaring of the teeth. Early expansion also prevents canine impactions and poor tooth emergence. Our palatal expansion will remain unique to our practice until the patent is licensed to a company large enough to manufacture expanders quickly enough to serve the other 10,000 orthodontist and 150,000 dentists in the United States. So for now, we are the only practice able to offer this amazing treatment option! *Actual Patient          …

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Jaw Surgery? Say no, no, no!

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One of our strengths is presenting alternative options to jaw surgery and still obtaining excellent results. Often, malalignment of one or both dental options is a barrier to patients with a bad bite. Creating two symmetrical dental arches (with straight teeth) can create the ability for patients to “find” the correct bite. We measure the teeth and dental arches in order to create balance within the jaws. The result is a balanced occlusion where by a gentle fit is achieved. Recently, several patients have come to us for non-surgical treatment to meet their orthodontic needs after many years of avoidance. Hearing a surgical approach earlier stymied their plans. Check out the results! Jason B. was told twice that he needed surgery!