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Out of abundance of caution for our patients and team, we are following the strict guidelines by the ADA and the CDC and will remain closed at this time.

Please know that our offices will remain closed and will not open on April 6th. We are evaluating week-by-week and we will reach out individually if your already scheduled appointment is impacted by this closure.

If you have a true orthodontic emergency, please call 484-994-4593.

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Jaw Surgery? Say no, no, no!

Posted on June 16, 2015 by smilespecialadmin.

One of our strengths is presenting alternative options to jaw surgery and still obtaining excellent results.

Often, malalignment of one or both dental options is a barrier to patients with a bad bite. Creating two symmetrical dental arches (with straight teeth) can create the ability for patients to “find” the correct bite.

We measure the teeth and dental arches in order to create balance within the jaws. The result is a balanced occlusion where by a gentle fit is achieved.

Recently, several patients have come to us for non-surgical treatment to meet their orthodontic needs after many years of avoidance. Hearing a surgical approach earlier stymied their plans.

Check out the results!

Jason B. was told twice that he needed surgery! 

Jason before blankjason b final after


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