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What is a Decalcification and Could you be Susceptible?

Apr 13

You may not realize it, but consuming carbonated beverages, fruit juice, and highly acidic foods every day can be harmful to your teeth!  Acidic foods and drinks can create an oral acid imbalance, which over time can cause your teeth can lose minerals and strength.  The acid in the foods we eat and drink pull the minerals, calcium and phosphate from tooth structure.  The loss of calcium and phosphate from your teeth is called decalcification.  The consumption of highly acidic food and drinks in combination with the accumulation of plaque (a sticky, colorless film of bacteria) on the teeth can make a person highly susceptible to decalcifications.  Sometimes referred to as white spot lesions, decalcifications have a chalky-white appearance and can cause sensitivity as well as make teeth more prone to tooth decay. How to Prevent Decalcifications? Practice good oral hygiene by brushing at least 2 x per day and…

NEW TO BRACES? Here’s a list of foods you should avoid!

Apr 5

Sticky candy (caramel, sugar bubble gum, laffy taffy, etc) Beef jerky / slim Jims Raw vegetables such as carrots should be broken into tiny bite size pieces Hard pizza crust Nuts Hard pretzels Hard rolls (bagels should be broken down into tiny pieces) POPCORN Ribs & Wings (meat should be taken off the bone with either a fork or your fingers) Ice Doritos, tacos, hard chips (ok in small amounts but broken down into tiny pieces) Eating the above foods or any like foods will break and loosen both wires and brackets. Broken appliances result in longer treatment time! REMEMBER that we give extra points to patients for not having anything loose or broken when they come in for their regular scheduled appointments.  If you have any questions about a particular food, feel free to call the office or ask us a question on our Facebook page. We also have…

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