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Benefits of Invisalign® first

Jun 18

Invisalign® first introduces a new way to achieve phase one treatment for the needs of patients from ages 7-10. Dr.McSurdy will be offering Invisalign® first to treat phase one cases with aligners that are specifically designed to target young jaws and or/ arches to make room for existing teeth and for incoming permanent teeth. Invisalign® first can correct a broad range of younger patients’ malocclusions, manage erupting dentition, and guide dental arch expansion, just like traditional braces can do. Dr.McSurdy is excited to offer Invisalign® first to achieve the developmental treatment goals in the two-phase treatment. Benefits of Invisalign® first · No wire pokes or broken brackets means fewer trips to the office for repairs · Faster, more predictable treatments means fewer appointments and better outcomes · No food restrictions – each whatever you want, whenever you want Dr. McSurdy is a top provider of Invisalign® and has treated over…

Live Healthy and Meditate

Jun 5

Consistent  good oral hygiene absolutely improves your health! Preventing dental disease and periodontal disease strengthens your immune system and allows your body to use its defense system to ward off all other pathogens. This keeps your body strong. This is a busy world and it is easy to engage in the “rat race” and become distracted from what is really important in life. Taking a few minutes a day to meditate can help to re-route your thoughts and come back to reality. Doing so can improve your health and your life as stress is greatly reduced. This must be done on a daily basis to have a true effect on healthier living. This has been known for thousands of years. Focus on your breathing and you will feel renewed and more relaxed. It is impossible to think about stressful daily events when you are totally focused on thin king only…

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