Choices “Part-Two”

I heard an interesting speech recently on what affects people’s buying decisions. The argument made was that people don’t buy based on the “what” it is you do so much as the “why” you do what it is that you do what it is that you do.

In other words, when customers can “feel” the love or passion behind a product or service, they are more likely to be attracted to buying.

A perfect example is a product that a local endodontist invented, which never made it to American households. It is called “Save-A-Tooth.” It makes perfect sense that every parent should purchase this kit for $14.95. In addition, every major pharmacy should sell this. The kit contains solutions that you place a knocked out tooth into and it keeps the tooth fresh so that a dentist can save the tooth for up to four days!

Not one major pharmacy was interested though! The executives as those companies looked only at the potential profit, and never saw or felt the potential joy that a parent would feel by saving their child’s tooth, simply by using this kit. The endodontist would have succeeded had he approached the executive’s wives instead! The wives would have understood why this endodontist developed this product.

You can purchase this product on and I have NO financial gain in this product. I just see the true importance and value that this product can have for a child.