No More Messy Impressions That Make You Gag!

In our quest to always be at the forefront of modern orthodontics, we will soon have a new technology in our office that will allow us to take a series of photos of your teeth using a specialized intraoral camera.  The system is called “iTero” and it will be used specifically to take needed impressions for Invisalign patients without all the gagging and goop!  Images of your teeth and gums will be immediately uploaded to a computer that will allow us to send this information directly to Invisalign.  The benefits for you, the patient are amazing!  No more goop in your mouth, and no more gagging when getting your “impressions” or “molds” for Invisalign.  Also, because the images are uploaded immediately, processing time is decreased, so you will be able to get started with your aligners more quickly!  In fact, the intraoral camera is so accurate that when you finally do receive your aligners, they will fit even more perfectly and will move your teeth more efficiently and effectively.  If you have questions about this new technology, or would like to schedule a complementary consultation to learn more about Invisalign or how modern orthodontics can benefit you and your family, please call to schedule an appointment at 610-489-6032 or go to