The Importance of Balance: Controlling Habits

I know…this one seems like a no brainer! If you’re not balanced, you fall over. It’s that simple. The trouble is that sometimes it is hard to realize when you are losing that perfect balance. If we could only sense that loss of perfect balance, then we could adjust and stay right in perfect order.

Take our teeth for example. We might have old fillings that may be starting to break down or deteriorate – unbeknown to us! That’s why it’s important to see the dentist regularly to check our teeth and restored teeth.

Plus, our habits can throw us out of balance. Like drinking too many sugary drinks that can cause decay or undermine our dental fillings. Or neglecting our tooth brushing after eating. We all know the drill! No pun intended.

Additionally, another habit can throw out dental health out of balance — grinding our teeth. Grinding (a.k.a. bruxism) is a subconscious habit that can quickly wear healthy enamel away. Even worse, it can ruin dental restorations in a very short time period.

Fortunately, we can create a good habit to prevent grinding damage. A simple, clear, retainer can be worn at bedtime that resembles Invisalign. This appliance is very thin and easy to wear while sleeping, in order to keep our permanent teeth healthy. All of us who have fully emerged permanent teeth really should have one of these retainers to prevent tooth wear. The cost is very low, around $100, and the benefit is that it can save thousands of dollars of dental repair and replacement cost. All it requires is a five minute appointment. Call us for your appointment!