Invisalign is an option for YOU!

Orthodontics has improved dramatically since the mid-eighties when I first became certified as an orthodontist.

Braces are engineered to be more esthetic as well as well as more “patient-friendly.” They are easier to brush and keep clean, as well as healthier for the teeth and gums. Arch-wires also make the orthodontic experience more comfortable and efficient. They deliver lighter forces more continuously than in the past. This enables patients to finish treatment faster with fewer patient visits to the office.

Since 1999, Invisalign has dramatically improved the orthodontic experience. Clear removable plastic aligners are worn in sequence to achieve orthodontic treatment goals. They must be constantly worn 20 – 24 hours per day to gain results akin to what achieve with braces. Additionally, they work best with full adult dentition which limits its use to adults and teenagers.

We ask all prospective Invisalign patients to “know thyself” and envision whether they are willing to wear plastic aligners consistently from start to finish.

Understand too that every orthodontist must factor in their own skills when recommending Invisalign vs. braces. As with everything, the more experience the doctor has, the better they will be and the more likely it is that the patient will have a great experience with a great result.

In our practice, we are equally skilled with traditional braces and with Invisalign treatment. Consulting with our office, you will receive expert advice on which system is best for you. We consider all of your wants and needs, and then advise you properly.

For more information on Invisalign at our office please go to our website. or call the office at 610-489-6032