Mind, Body, and Soul

                Recently, I have been viewing life through a different lens. It has dawned upon me that one’s soul is pure. Pure love — and it is eternal and unchangeable. Your soul always wants the best for you, and for you to want the best for all others.

                Probably our greatest gift on Earth is our mind.  We have been blessed with the ability to think and to choose what to do.  When we choose to think and act with love for ourselves and for others, our soul is fulfilled.  This explains why I love being an orthodontist.  Stay with me now!

I help my patients to love the way they view themselves.  This builds their self-esteem and love for themselves.  Then, filled with love, they share that with others and make this a better world.

Now, our Body is really a vehicle for our mind and soul.  A well maintained car tends to last a long time.  Ditto for our bodies.  The thing is, that our mind has to make the right choices to keep our body healthy.  Diet choices, exercise decisions, and hygiene choices make a huge difference.  Dental health choices, like orthodontics, help to keep you happy, smiling, and spreading the love.  So keep smiling!!

Dr. David McSurdy