Spring Sports Season

With spring’s warm weather it’s time for that trip to the sporting goods store. Baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and softball are all sports that can involve hard contact to the face. So if you have braces, please ask us for an orthodontic mouth guard (no charge). If you do not have braces, invest in a sports mouth guard from Nike or Shock Doctor.

It may help to avoid dental injuries such as a fracture or tooth avulsion.  I also recommend that your league purchase a few Save-A-Tooth kits incase a tooth is accidentally knocked out. Want more information about the Save-A-Tooth kits, refer to my past blog.

Now if there is no Save-A-Tooth kit available, the best thing to do with a knocked out tooth is to put it right back in. Do not rinse the tooth before placing it back into the socket. The body will accept the tooth better un-rinsed even if there is some blood or dirt on the tooth.

Of course the best thing is to avoid the injury by wearing protective equipment and a mouth guard! So have fun this spring — Play Ball!