Our Favorite Things

Every year at our annual office Christmas party we like to plan a gift exchange.  This year we decided to do a “Favorite Things” Polyanna.  Everyone was asked to bring three of their favorite things as gifts.  Each gift had to be exactly the same and under $5.   At the party, once everyone arrived, we wrote our name on three slips of paper and dropped them into a bag.  We each then drew three names out of the bag – making sure each name we chose was different and not our own.  The first person kicked it off by standing up and sharing what her gift was and why it was her favorite thing.  She then delivered her gifts to each of the three girls whose name she drew from the bag.   Then the next person stood up, shared her favorite things, and delivered her gifts.  And so on and so on.  At the end we all came away with three favorite gifts of our own!

Below is a list of all of our favorite things!

Christine: warm and cozy cabin socks

Heather: “Cherries on Snow” scented Yankee Candle

Sue: Lipstick with cute case

Cindy: Travel thermal cup

Mary: mason jar with striped straw/box of chocolates

Tiffany: Dunkin Donuts gift card

Jobina: European Wax Center gift card

Jackie: Starbucks re-usable cup

Diane: beautiful scarf

Paula: Zyliss paring knife

Shannon: EOS chapstick

Cathy: Zoup’s gift card

Sarah: Scrub Daddy sponge