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Why See An Orthodontist?

Nov 28

Did you know that an orthodontist must become a dentist FIRST? All orthodontist are dentists, but not all dentists are orthodontists. Extra training and education that makes an orthodontist qualified to safely and effectively adjust a patient’s dental alignment, which is why it’s so important to choose an orthodontist to straighten your smile. This is especially true with Invisalign treatment where the diagnosis needs to be thorough and complete to set up a great treatment sequence! We have treated over 1,500 patients with Invisalign and we are committed to excellence to optimize your smile and dental health! Trust your team at Dr. McSurdy’s office Dr. David W. McSurdy graduated from Perkiomen Valley High School and then went to receive his Bachelor of Science degree from Lafayette College. He completed his dental training at Temple University School of Dentistry and continued on for his specialized training in orthodontics at Fairleigh Dickinson…


Jan 28

The greatest gift is our ability to make choices – and of course the freedom to make choices. But do we really give our children enough opportunities to make good choices? We begin by dressing, feeding, and entertaining our children as infants because they are unable to do so, until they have learned for themselves. Our first opportunity to empower them to make choices happens when they learn to speak. Then we can offer them choices and ask them to select. I believe that offering them 2-3 good choices, is good parenting. If I could begin again…rap music would not have been one of the choices. Nor would unlimited video games and or sugared drinks. I would offer movies, games, and books that stimulate the imagination. I would offer those items that teach the lessons of forgiveness, truth, and love. Also, those that free us from fear, jealousy, rage and…

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