The greatest gift is our ability to make choices – and of course the freedom to make choices. But do we really give our children enough opportunities to make good choices?

We begin by dressing, feeding, and entertaining our children as infants because they are unable to do so, until they have learned for themselves. Our first opportunity to empower them to make choices happens when they learn to speak. Then we can offer them choices and ask them to select. I believe that offering them 2-3 good choices, is good parenting.

If I could begin again…rap music would not have been one of the choices. Nor would unlimited video games and or sugared drinks. I would offer movies, games, and books that stimulate the imagination. I would offer those items that teach the lessons of forgiveness, truth, and love. Also, those that free us from fear, jealousy, rage and bitterness, and how-to-let-it-go.

I would recommend any of these books:

  •  “Happier than God: Turn Ordinary Life into an Extraordinary Experience” by Neale  Donald Walsh.
  • “An Invisible Thread” by Laura Schroff and Alex Tresniowski
  • “The Traveler’s Gift” by Andy Andrews

All of these books will guide you through the process of learning to make good choices.

Personally, I am blessed to have the opportunity to care for our “ortho family” and I have made 14 great choices — my amazing staff that serves as your family! Thank you for that opportunity!