A Comfortable Growth Change

        Young children that are rapidly growing and developing are tremendously flexible.  Bony sutures are still open and not fully fused at early elementary school ages.  This is how our Press-on Incremental Expanders (PIE’s) are able to accomplish palatal expansion so comfortable.

        The PIE’s gently guide palatal growth day by day as our 6-10 year old patients wear them.  Parents just have to help remove the smooth appliances from their children’s molar teeth, and their child can brush/floss and press on the next slightly wider appliance before bed time.

For most young children we can avoid cemented expanders.  Parents who formerly had to activate a jack-screw appliance are thus able to keep the process more pain-free for their children.  Our appliances are made entirely of plastic- a more forgiving substance than the heavier metal jack-screw appliances.

Thus, through palatal growth, we are able to create enough room for tooth alignment and bite correction.  We are able to treat without extractions or surgery, and we are correcting the jaw smallness in the most humane manner available.