The Best of Collegeville…

Ok — We are open to suggestions here! Our office has voted and we want you to respond with your choice and in six months we will update the list. Make sure you vote to help break the two that tied! This list comes from our sixteen staff members. As of now though, here it is…

THE BEST of Collegeville

(Within a 5 mile radius)

  • Cheeseburger — Red Robin
  • Soft Pretzel — Philly Soft Pretzel Factory
  • Cupcakes — Sublime
  • Prime Rib — My Friends Tavern
  • Cheese steak — Palermos
  • Salad — Palermos
  • Hoagie — Collegeville Italian Bakery & Primo
  • Pizza — Rocco’s & Palermos
  • Breakfast — Anna Maries
  • French Fries — Rocco’s