Why did Dr.McSurdy become an Orthodontist?

Why did I want to become an orthodontist?
Well, my brother decided that he wanted to be a medical doctor at a very young age. At that time I was the little brother who followed my brother on whatever path he was on – good or bad! However, wanting to NOT be a copycat, I declared that I was going to be a dentist. This was at age 7.
The idea struck me through high school so I met with my dentist and he led me through how to prepare for my future. It is said that the hardest step in building a career is the FIRST STEP. As author Andy Andrews says, “Make a decision, and then make it right.” In other words, I believe we are all divinely guided so I go with my gut feeling – my intuition.
Dental school seemed like a good fit academically and I was able to hold a high class rank. This made me a good specialist’s candidate and orthodontics was the only specialty for me.
So persistence and a good match has enabled me to have a happy and successful career for which I am very thankful for today!