Why use Invisalign

It’s never too late for you to gain a beautiful smile. If you are an adult who wants a better smile, it is easier than ever to do so!

Invisalign has revolutionized orthodontics treatment — especially for adults. Gently, your teeth can often be aligned in weeks to months, with removable clear appliances. Check out these dramatic results!

Invisalign before and after photos

And it’s not just for good looks!

  1. Straightening your teeth improves cleans ability and lowers your risk for gum disease.
  2. Balancing your bite lowers the risk of jaw problems and tooth wear.
  3. Snoring or sleep apnea risk can be reduced.
  4. Smiling elevated your self esteem and happiness.

Invisalign costs about the same as traditional braces and we offer comfortable payment options. Clear braces are an attractive alternative to Invisalign as well.

So come soon for a complimentarty consultation visit and see what is possible. You deserve a great smile!