Advances in Dentistry

Computerization has caused an enormous amount of change in our lives and in the health care industry. Treatment records are now paperless as well as diagnostic records (images that a patient needs to determine treatment).

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 17 years since we went paperless in 1999! We now have digital intra-oral scanners in both offices, which help us to upgrade our treatment results from our “impression era” care. Patients enjoy not being “gagged”  during their digital image capturing.

Tiffany using the iTero scanner
Tiffany using the iTero scanner for Invisalign.

Align technology has lead the charge with appliances that are 3-D printed from images captured by their digital scanners. Scan times are as short as 5 minutes, delivering appliances that are extremely precise. Our doctors deliver treatment instructions to computer technicians who dial in tooth movements that are exactly what we order. In many cases, our Invisalign treatments are superior to what we could achieve with braces.

The future holds the introduction of robotics to assist dentists with efficient air abrasion cleanings and other intra-oral procedures. This is just fascinating! We promise to continue to deliver the very best technology to you as more advancements are made.