Congenitally Missing Teeth – Dental Substitution

If your dentist informs you that your child has congenitally missing teeth, it is important to have an orthodontic consultation as soon as possible. This is especially true if there are missing front teeth.

Why Should You Seek Orthodontic Assistance for Cogenitally Missing Teeth?

Why is this so important? Often, orthodontically, we can substitute primary teeth into missing permanent teeth positions. Also, often we can move permanent canines into the missing incisor positions. In this manner, we can prevent your child from having noticeably missing tooth spaces, and we can help to normalize the emergence pattern of the permanent teeth.

Getting Orthodontic Treatment For Your Teenager

If your child is already a teenager, then orthodontically we idealize missing tooth spaces so that an appropriately ideally sized prosthodontic tooth can be placed by your dentist. In this way it is virtually undetectable that a missing tooth situation exists. An orthodontic consultation is vitally important so that your dentist does not place an implant or crown in a compromised manner.

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