Why Choose Invisalign?

There are many reasons to choose Invisalign over braces. These include: similar costs, better esthetics, no emergency visits and better soft tissue comfort.

Align technology highlights all of the advantages very well. Amazingly though, there is still a better reason that Invisalign should be chosen over braces wherever possible.

Invisalign offers the huge advantage of virtually NO PAIN. I personally self-treated with Invisalign and I was amazed that I experienced no pain. Hundreds of others that I treated reported the same thing and they remembered well the tooth soreness from prior braces treatment.

Below is a picture of a patient who had Invisalign Teen. Treatment time was only 10 months. If this patient chose to do traditional braces, treatment time would have been 18 months.

10 Months with Invisalign Teen — A.T.


Having treated over 1,100 Invisalign patients, I can think of only a few who told me they actually felt soreness. I’ve treated nearly 20,000 patients with braces and all of them reported tooth soreness during treatment. What that tells me is that treating with braces causes more inflammation than is needed to gain tooth movement.

For that reason, I expect more patients to choose Invisalign over braces for themselves or their children.