Skin Protection

Spring has arrived at last! So outside we go to watch our kids on the athletic fields. Please remember to apply sunscreen to your exposed skin to prevent skin damage. SPF 30 and above is the best to reduce the risk of future skin cancers. Remember that skin damage due to sun exposure is cumulative so it is especially important to apply sunscreen to your children. It is probably wise to choose a sunscreen that stays on well with perspiration and swimming. I prefer sunscreen that contains zinc oxide. For example, Neutrogena Sensitive Skin, which can be purchased at any local Target for under ten dollars. Pools will be opening soon so let’s get ready and purchase the sunscreen now! Dr. David McSurdy Orthodontist Serving both the Collegeville & Gilbertsville areas  

Get Thee to the Kitchen!

Today is your lucky day because I am going to let you all in on my secret family recipe for Jewish Apple Cake.  This fruit filled-filled cake is bound to be a big hit at your next part or event!  I have had many requests for this recipe over the years with many a satisfied customers. Preheat Oven to 350°F Beat together: 4 eggs ½ Cup fresh squeezed orange juice 1 Cup salad oil 2 teaspoons vanilla Add: 3 Cups flour ½ teaspoon salt 2½ teaspoons baking powder 2 Cups sugar Pare and slice very thin 4 large Granny Smith apples. Grease and flour (very well) a Bundt pan. Cinnamon-sugar mixture approx 4 Tablespoons sugar 1 teaspoon cinnamon 7.    Put ⅓ batter in pan.  Lay in ½ the apples and sprinkle with ½ of the cinnamon-sugar mixture. Repeat.  Top with the last ⅓ of the batter. 8.    Bake for 1…

Choices “Part-Two”


I heard an interesting speech recently on what affects people’s buying decisions. The argument made was that people don’t buy based on the “what” it is you do so much as the “why” you do what it is that you do what it is that you do. In other words, when customers can “feel” the love or passion behind a product or service, they are more likely to be attracted to buying. A perfect example is a product that a local endodontist invented, which never made it to American households. It is called “Save-A-Tooth.” It makes perfect sense that every parent should purchase this kit for $14.95. In addition, every major pharmacy should sell this. The kit contains solutions that you place a knocked out tooth into and it keeps the tooth fresh so that a dentist can save the tooth for up to four days! Not one major pharmacy…

A Comfortable Growth Change

        Young children that are rapidly growing and developing are tremendously flexible.  Bony sutures are still open and not fully fused at early elementary school ages.  This is how our Press-on Incremental Expanders (PIE’s) are able to accomplish palatal expansion so comfortable.         The PIE’s gently guide palatal growth day by day as our 6-10 year old patients wear them.  Parents just have to help remove the smooth appliances from their children’s molar teeth, and their child can brush/floss and press on the next slightly wider appliance before bed time. For most young children we can avoid cemented expanders.  Parents who formerly had to activate a jack-screw appliance are thus able to keep the process more pain-free for their children.  Our appliances are made entirely of plastic- a more forgiving substance than the heavier metal jack-screw appliances. Thus, through palatal growth, we are able to create enough room for tooth…

Great Dental Christmas Gifts

Only three more weeks till Christmas! Can you believe it? Ok, so gifts for your dental health might now be the first thing that comes to mind, but here are a few… Sonicare- toothbrushes for ages 12 and up definitely improve one’s dental health (Sonicare even makes a spin brush for children younger than 12). Protective clear anti-grinding appliance for prevention of tooth wear. Invisalign for teens and adults – amazing technology that really works! Whitening pens for ages 12 and up. Convenient, portable, and very effective. Results within two weeks. Great stocking stuffers. Botox and derma fillers – get rid of those creases and wrinkles ahead of the holidays. Of course – orthodontics! Great for self esteem for all! A fresh dental cleaning from your dentist – fresh breath and gleaming teeth to all. Happy shopping!