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Jan 28

The greatest gift is our ability to make choices – and of course the freedom to make choices. But do we really give our children enough opportunities to make good choices? We begin by dressing, feeding, and entertaining our children as infants because they are unable to do so, until they have learned for themselves. Our first opportunity to empower them to make choices happens when they learn to speak. Then we can offer them choices and ask them to select. I believe that offering them 2-3 good choices, is good parenting. If I could begin again…rap music would not have been one of the choices. Nor would unlimited video games and or sugared drinks. I would offer movies, games, and books that stimulate the imagination. I would offer those items that teach the lessons of forgiveness, truth, and love. Also, those that free us from fear, jealousy, rage and…

A Comfortable Growth Change

Jan 24

        Young children that are rapidly growing and developing are tremendously flexible.  Bony sutures are still open and not fully fused at early elementary school ages.  This is how our Press-on Incremental Expanders (PIE’s) are able to accomplish palatal expansion so comfortable.         The PIE’s gently guide palatal growth day by day as our 6-10 year old patients wear them.  Parents just have to help remove the smooth appliances from their children’s molar teeth, and their child can brush/floss and press on the next slightly wider appliance before bed time. For most young children we can avoid cemented expanders.  Parents who formerly had to activate a jack-screw appliance are thus able to keep the process more pain-free for their children.  Our appliances are made entirely of plastic- a more forgiving substance than the heavier metal jack-screw appliances. Thus, through palatal growth, we are able to create enough room for tooth…

The Best of Collegeville…

Jan 20

Ok — We are open to suggestions here! Our office has voted and we want you to respond with your choice and in six months we will update the list. Make sure you vote to help break the two that tied! This list comes from our sixteen staff members. As of now though, here it is… THE BEST of Collegeville… (Within a 5 mile radius) Cheeseburger — Red Robin Soft Pretzel — Philly Soft Pretzel Factory Cupcakes — Sublime Prime Rib — My Friends Tavern Cheese steak — Palermos Salad — Palermos Hoagie — Collegeville Italian Bakery & Primo Pizza — Rocco’s & Palermos Breakfast — Anna Maries French Fries — Rocco’s        

The Many Uses of Vinegar

Jan 13

One day as I was browsing Pinterest, I came along a post that said you could clean your grimy shower head with vinegar, and it would come out looking like new! I thought that I had nothing to lose and I gave it a try. I was AMAZED at how clean and shiny my shower head was, it honestly looked brand new. After trying that experiment, I went on to find things that I could use vinegar for. Here is a list of my experiments so far…. Shower Head – Tie a bagger of white distilled vinegar around your shower head and leave it sit over night. Remove the bad and rinse with water. Retainers – Calcium build up on retainers can be soaked in ½ vinegar and ½ water for about 20 minutes. After soaking scrub with toothbrush. Windows – 2 cups of water, ¼ cup white distilled vinegar,…

Mind, Body, and Soul

Jan 7

                Recently, I have been viewing life through a different lens. It has dawned upon me that one’s soul is pure. Pure love — and it is eternal and unchangeable. Your soul always wants the best for you, and for you to want the best for all others.                 Probably our greatest gift on Earth is our mind.  We have been blessed with the ability to think and to choose what to do.  When we choose to think and act with love for ourselves and for others, our soul is fulfilled.  This explains why I love being an orthodontist.  Stay with me now! I help my patients to love the way they view themselves.  This builds their self-esteem and love for themselves.  Then, filled with love, they share that with others and make this a better world. Now, our Body is really a vehicle for our mind and soul.  A…

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